The Greasy Grasp Of God

Oh, nuh-uh. Most definitely does NOT! EDIT: Well, maybe the dog on the scooter in the Summer derby. A little.

At least it is spelled right…

this shirt is a little odd, but whatever. Everyone likes tacos! Right?

It shouldn’t be on white.

But more important it should have read “I love tacos”, and then I would have bought one.

Or if it was a “Wet Taco”, some college days were fun. :slight_smile:

i would get this if it were purple with yellow text. a shirt this weird deserves weird colors!

Taco flavored kissessssssss

If only it were on a PINK shirt…

But grammatically incorrect. The “Of” in the title should not be capitalized since it’s a preposition. And to whomever said this looks like a klswoot shirt: DIE! PS: You’re also an idiot; know that before you DIE!

That taco looks sooooo happy!

Now make a taco that cr*ps ice cream. :wink:

A white shirt doesn’t seem like a color for eating tacos. Perhaps a brown would make stains less obvious.

Definately " I’m going to eat something messy and yummy, then drip it on my shirt" wear.

Classic for those that will “get it”

Hmm… I find the linked video a bit disturbing. e_e

Haha! I have to admit this is a pass for me, but it made me laugh! :slight_smile:

Kudos to the artist! Congrats!

The more stains the better :slight_smile:

The stains will only enhance the design.

For some odd, unknown reason I am drawn to this shirt.

Well, I didn’t want to say it quite that strongly, but…

Linked video?

I like text on some shirts but, the kind of text is important. i don’t like this text.I just got my peanut butter and jelly fish shirt today glad there is not any
TEXT on it. and it’s great!!

Actually I was more worried about them not being able to spell the words on the shirt lol.