The Greasy Grasp Of God

Look carefully at the colour description. :slight_smile:


Any other color and I would have bought it. I still may, but the white just doesn’t do it. Damn. I love tacos too. I love that taco. Bleh.

id consider if it didnt have the text


This shirt tells the world: “Woot is not afraid to mix it up by following shirts that sell out by morning with ones that might sell 800, giving whiney wooters the ammunition to say that they want shirts grown-ups can wear, but don’t have access to any shirts that button up the front.”

Or something like that. :wink:

Every shirt on woot should be tailor-made to suit every single person who visits the site!

For whatever reason, that made me laugh out loud!

I think this is a great shirt, some really nice cartooning :slight_smile: Not sure I’m in the market for another white shirt, but if it’s still for sale tomorrow I might grab one.

Most definitely in for one. Yay Taco!

Well, actors/singers in blackface is tasteless, and it wasn’t a great song. I see what you mean.

my favorite shirt of all time!
in for 1 =]

I don’t get it. Is there a hidden meaning, or are we just supposed to be excited for the Taco. I’m now excited for Tacos and thanking God Taco Bell has a fourth meal.

Thanks but no thanks on todays woot - I’ll take a black shirt in the summer with a wonderful koi skelton over a white shirt anyday, but that’s just me, who also doesn’t partictually like tacos…


¡Another woot shirt to add to the pile!

You guys spent money to print this.

People will buy it.

I’m not sure which is worse.

Nah, there’s just something unsettling in the way it’s sung… XP

Nah, nothing like that. But it’s easy to spot a sellout immediately after it’s posted, versus the ones that might struggle a bit…with a vew surprises on each side. All good though, otherwise there wouldn’t be any random shirt days and we’d all have 365+ new t-shirts a year.

I look forward to wearing this one if it happens to show up in my random shirt 3-pack every time I eat tacos…conditionally-speaking.

I think I saw this exact shirt the last time I was in tj

considering the band I’m in have a song called “taco deeeener” and we are playing a show next Wednesday this is one of the few shirts I got duplicates of and need over nighted!! I love tacos and I love woots randomness!!!

I dont get it.

I could see the guy from “Accepted” that made the food and stuff wearing this shirt…

Not true. Random shirts aren’t only shirts that don’t sell out. Keep in mind that even shirts that “sold out” are still available for purchase after the first day. Plenty of random shirts are POPULAR designs. If they fall off the reckoning list, no matter how long a streak they had, you’ll probably see them in randoms eventually.