The Great Cuisinart Sale

why is the smart stick hand blender in here twice i thought I was in the twoolight zone

So, who owns this brand name these days? I see what I call their “B” line with minor cosmetic changes and other names in big box stores for about the same Woot “sale” prices.

Heck, the Waring items here on Woot are probably from the same Chinese factories!

I appreciate the REAL deals that pop up on Woot, but playing “the name game” with formerly good brands is tiresome.

does anyone know if the “Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender - CSB-75WMFR” can be used on the “Cuisinart Stainless Steel Smart Stick Hand Blender- CSB-77FR” chopper attachment?

I already own the CSB-77FR however I think I overloaded it once and it just sounds like a screeching animal now. So if possible id like to just but the CSB-75WMFR because i don’t need all the attachments and its cheaper

Is that 4-slice toaster white or silver?

Doesn’t look like it ever came in silver so I’m gonna go with white.