The Great Eye(phone)

So this makes it The Lord of the Ringtones?

The Ministry of Friendship will see you now…

Instead of radiation, do you get imbued with sorcery?

Nice birds eye view.

Does that make the Eye Watch the one ring to rule them all…

You know of what I speak… a great eyephone, screen-protectorless, wreathed in processor heat.

The Siri/Sauron update: now she can see you talk to her while you’re dressing… and insists any gold band is the One Ring.

This is so clever, perhaps by accident. Remember that the iPhone was originally AT&T’s claim to fame, as they had the exclusive launch of the original.

AT&T’s Nashville HQ looks exactly like the pillar sauron’s eye was mounted on in the first place, so…

If you want them, come and claim them.

Manufactured by subjugation and dark forces.

I come for this comment :smiley: haha
awesome t-shirt btw

It explains so much. The proprietary rings, seemingly everything being “magic”, the devoted fanbase.

Heck, it answers one of the biggest questions out there. Even though Sauron was supposed to be so powerful, it was always minions of some variety that did everything (“There’s a chap for that”). Is Sauron really that weak? No, they were just holding him wrong.

Looks like a Sauron 5 or 5S. That’s so 2013. Get with the times, Sauron!

One does not simply dial in to Mordor.

will the Dystoprr app be available for orange clearance citizens?

With those front and rear facing cameras, there’s a far smaller chance someone can sneak in the back door.

Had to look up what the AT&T building looked like.

Holy crap, you’re right! That is just too perfect!

I gotta get this shirt.

“There’s a chap for that”… great line!

“Siri, remind me tomorrow to send orcs to Helm’s Deep.”