The Great Outdoors

Is anyone else from Massachusetts tired of being charged sales tax on items that are not taxable in Mass.? Woot charges sales tax on some clothing items, but not others.

I have a tl;dr version if anyone needs the details, including what Woot said when I requested a refund of the sales tax charged on another non-taxable item I bought.

If you try to purchase the Master Sportsman Reversible Jacket, Woot will charge sales tax even if you are in Mass. Just checking to see if anyone else noticed this.

I bought these last time they were on Woot, and am wearing them as I type! True sizing, sturdy, and absurdly comfortable. Not a huge amount of support in the sole, if you need that it’s best to look elsewhere. They look great with khakis or jeans and are as comfy as a pair of slippers.

Do you come with the poncho? Oh you… giggle giggle…


I bought one the last time around, and it’s an excellent alternative to my Fuel Belt - especially for train runs, as the bottles stay put better amid the jostling.