The Great Outdoors

I bought the Klamath 68 pack last time it was on sale and honestly, that thing is great. I was expecting something much, much worse but the pockets are well designed, it holds a 2 liter rigid reservoir, the straps are very, very adjustable and the construction is rugged. If you’re clever with rope, the brain can be fully unbuckled and turned into a little daypack if you decide to camp out somewhere. I’ve done two hiking trips with it so far, each one 3 days long and there’s still huge amounts of room to store everything after tent, tent accessories, bag, stove, food, 4l water, crazy creek, spare clothes, med kit, etc. I could easily jam another 7 days in there.

I bought the Katahdin 50 on the last woot off. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I have already packed it up and from what I can tell it is a great pack. As with any jansport pack, you can expect excellent quality materials and construction.

I just can’t get over the vomit-colored packs! I could never convince myself, no matter the bargain, to go with that gosh awful color on both Klamath packs!

On another note:

Woot, could you find us some good deals on backpacking-friendly water filtration systems? MSR or the like? I am in the market for one and it fits right in with the camping theme you seem to be covering so well lately!

For anyone possibly interested in the 9’4" Stansport inflatable boat; I’ll say that it is one VERY sturdy boat. We bought one here on sport woot about a month or so ago. These boats are made extremely well, and they are also VERY, VERY tough. So much more than I would have ever thought. When we first opened the box it arrived in we were extremely surprised to see, and find out just how well it really was constructed. Considering the quality of boat that a person receives, I really honestly feel that the price woot is offering for these boats happens to be a really terrific deal. Especially when compared to the boat’s quality, and all of what your actually receiving for your money (it’s not just a really great boat, but it’s also a high volume, high quality foot pump, and two very sturdy aluminum oars, along with a patch kit, etc.). So, if your thinking about getting one, but are ‘on the fence’, don’t ‘THINK about it’ any longer. Just get one, have yourself a lot of fun this summer, and I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed in your decision. Hope this helps!

My experience with regard to ordering the Stansport 9’ 4" Inflatable Boat (can also be found at the blog; everything but woot; I can’t get a response/help from Woot support):
I am having a truly dis-concerning issue with woot support staff. I had made a purchase 06/02 and had items shipped soon there after, by 06/07 the lot of smaller items I ordered had arrived (fast!), the key item within my (woot) purchase ($100 item) was not, however, accounted for. I wrote to make support aware. Their reply was that the order was shipped from two facilities “(one of them being a bit faster than the other)” and I should wait a “few” more days. The wine portion of my shipment then arrived 06/14 (again fast, by woot standards), I looked under ‘my account’ and it stated that this order was now listed as completed and shipped. It listed 5 tracking numbers, and indeed all of them were accounted for. So I write again to support (06\17) and refer them to my account status, their reply on 06/18: “Sorry about that. We heard back from the vendor, and it appears they will be unable to ship this to you. I’ve gone ahead and issued a full refund…(They did not refund my shipping charge.)”
So to recap; woot took my monies sat on them for a week, sent a partial shipment and clearly did not due diligence when I requested the order be looked into. The item in question would never have been acknowledged or credited had I been incapacitated or otherwise unable to follow up. Woot then evidently DK’d (didn’t know) the order, either the vender or woot is acting on a DK after the fact. This, it would seem to me, is breach of contract. I am disappointed in woot’s support team for evident laziness, and woot or their selection of venders for shoddy practice.
I have been a long time woot supporter, my purchases were primarily wine orders so my dollar per order I suspect was above average, and I feel I have been fair in this process. It really would have only taken someone some effort to look into this and report back to me that there was a supply issue, the vender oversold, or someone at woot missed entering the order, and I would have been much more understanding. But as I see it someone has profited from sloppy bookkeeping; the vender if they took the order and the money and then reneged on the offer, or woot if they took the money and failed to submit the order in a timely manner. More importantly, this profit would have been full (not just time value), had I not been persistent. The last matter falls squarely on the head of the woot support staff.

we have seen your posts and i have sent the information forward.

i’m sorry you had a disappointing experience.