The Green Door

why does this look familiar

All I can think of is this song.

I think you don’t see round doors IRL because they’d be quite impractical. Since there’s only one point to attach a hinge to, all the weight would be on that one point, instead of distributed over two or three points like rectangular doors. You’d have to overbuild the hinge, or else it would bend and break. Especially on a door as heavy as this one looks.

But they might be practical for very round people.

Is anyone else reminded of Lost?

…if you didn’t catch the meme in the write-up…

I kid, I kid.

…really dude?

bilbo walker (78 yrs old)  & daughter - watch vids below:

I was really hoping this one would get printed.

For the curious, here’s the start of The Hobbit:

is it secret? is it safe?

I thought this was a bit racy for a moment but then I remembered “The Green Door” title wasn’t on the shirt.

Huh… anyone else think of Behind The Green Door?

I guess it is semi-intentional?

That was my first thought.

Anyone else old enough to wonder what’s Behind this Green Door? (you would have to be 21 to order that shirt)

The lush grassy look is very well achieved. It makes me think of the Secret Garden or maybe even Alice in Wonderland or Totoro. :slight_smile:

Is no one else reminded of that O. Henry story?

Oh! I love this! It’s beautiful! Except… It would look like a third boob. Sad. I sort of-almost-kind of-maybe wish I were a man, so I could wear this shirt…