The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack


OMG I made my first gif!! (basically copied one I saw but still! only needed 1 of my kids to help me)


The adoptee needs to do better spelling Green on the Kids Woot! Tshirts thread if he wants to stay adopted.

Real people can make real GIF’s?

I always thought they just ‘appeared’ somehow from the internet darkness…

This is a weird place to post an order problem.



seems like they are posting it in every active thread they can find…

don’t they know we don’t work here?


I know, right???

I looked on kids! and didn’t even see shirts for sale…?

You know how kids are… if he becomes a ‘troubled adoptee’, we’ll send him back to the orphanage/sweat shop.

Edit… Found it…
He spelled GREEN wrong!


Dave, how did you know tonight’s Manhands answer HOURS AGO?

Time Truck. BSN hot-wired it & I got the answer.
I was going to guess ‘coupon’ tomorrow for the yesterday manhands that should be today.

That was entertaining!


uh oh? I better go look.


STOP guessing WRENCH

I seem to have picked up a case of the sniffles. I’m gonna find whoever gave me this SHIT and beat them about the head!

No way!!!