The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

A depressing game.
We really need to take our QB out (Wilson) for a few games & let his legs heal. He runs like a duck in a gunny sack…

This was the first game I’ve ever watched that ended a tie! I was screaming at my TV (it didn’t help).

ps… I thought your team is the Dolphins?

my all time favorite team I love the mostest is the Dolphins.

the Cards are my second favorite team because I think Larry Fitzgerald is amazing.


EXACTLY!!! also watching POLDARK, which is a great show! but lots of sad too…

for real hail!!! it was crazy!!

2 acres, i’m not raking!! lol

ummmm… LMAO i would have never thought of that!!!

yeah, it do… i have a eyeache now searching for others just as obnoxious!!!LOL

i guess TT likes em…:slight_smile:


thank you chev for your generosity!!! cklun would most likely only give this a lovelovelove!!!LOL

great tuesday greens!!!

Sorry I was mostly absent yesterday.
I’m finding it easier to post pictures on fb than here.
But this is home.

Yesterday got some horrible news. A (relatively new) friend recently went in for routine shoulder surgery and had a clot break loose. He had a massive coronary. It took ten minutes to revive him. Yesterday he passed away in the ICU. This has upset me more than most lately because it was sudden and unexpected. Joe left behind a loving wife Wendy (we share a bday) and 2 sons. Steve is one of the food truck owners that got there start at our place.
Shit. This sucks.