The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

thank you chev for your generosity!!! cklun would most likely only give this a lovelovelove!!!LOL

great tuesday greens!!!

Sorry I was mostly absent yesterday.
I’m finding it easier to post pictures on fb than here.
But this is home.

Yesterday got some horrible news. A (relatively new) friend recently went in for routine shoulder surgery and had a clot break loose. He had a massive coronary. It took ten minutes to revive him. Yesterday he passed away in the ICU. This has upset me more than most lately because it was sudden and unexpected. Joe left behind a loving wife Wendy (we share a bday) and 2 sons. Steve is one of the food truck owners that got there start at our place.
Shit. This sucks.

And Pete Burns died too.

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

But this is a different song…


On a lighter note…

Game one of the World Series is tonight!

Go Tribe!

And the first game of the season for the Cavs and the ring ceremony.

ooooh, trippy!

uh, thanks?

better late than never?


ugh. this is terrible news. so sorry to hear about your friend. I will include his family in my prayers.

was Steve one of the sons?

also sad to hear about the Dead or Alive singer.

what is Poldark?

and why does this guy look so familiar? I think he was from the British Being Human…

happy Tuesday greens. here’s hoping it will be better than monday.

going to dinner tonight with some old coworkers. it’s a sushi restaurant but I checked the menu and they have gyoza, tempura, rice, etc. so I can eat, too.

GO Cleveland INDIANS!
WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Beat those other guys!
Make them go home sad losers!!

So sad…
My prayers for his family…

Yes. Steve is Joe and Wendy’s son. Not sure of the other son’s name. Haven’t met him yet.

Almost (almost) sad to see we are playing the Cubs. THey haven’t been in the Series since 1945 and haven’t won since 1908. 108 years!