The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

No wi-fi at work.
Bouncing in and out of 4G to 3G or worse. Frustrating trying to post anything.

Ready to go home and take my pants off.

Pants off, Dance off anyone?

were they jeans?

But I’ve got black socks on.

And certainly not to that damn song.


I’ll open woot in another tab to go though the steps in order…

To get that on your badges:

1)Right click and copy on the following link (you will need to remove the space between the g and the ] at the very end of the link)

[img][/img ]

  1. Hold your pointer over the top-right corner where it says “Hi, mick52” and click on “Your Account”.

  2. You’ll probably be asked to sign in now. After you sign in, you should be in “Your Accounts”.

  3. On the left side of the page, the 7th line down says “Forum Settings”. Click on it.

  4. There’s now a box with “Signature” written above it.
    Left-click somewhere after the last line in the box. Right-click and then paste the link into the box.
    Make sure the space between the last bracket & the g was deleted.

F) Hit the “Apply Changes” GREEN button.

G) It takes a few minutes for woot to make the changes sometimes.

  1. Relax in the wonderful feeling of having another woot badge for everyone to see and enjoy.

ps… The reason I had to add the space between the last bracket & the g is… If I didn’t do that, woot would just put the image there instead of the link.

Hey, cklun! Check your PM’s when you check in! I bet you have a special message!

Nap was just okay. Couldn’t really get comfortable.

Is that your Subie that has the interior spots? I’m getting mine detailed next week. It’s absolutely filthy, hasn’t been well cleaned in a long time. I’d rather pay someone to do a really good job than attempt it myself.

Nothing special coming up for this weekend. Just chores, groceries, cleaning.

Stay GREEN, y’all!

Almost to 1000 again

Come wash my car and truck please! Lol

you better be quicker with volume 2 than you were with volume 1, pal. now that you have a house, you can spread those pages out all over the floor of one of the spare bedrooms & have my book assembled in NO TIME!!!

yes and husband is BS that there are still spots in the back. grrrr!

I had a GREAT day.

got 2 packages today (no crap, that’s next week!)

got this new plate

and this new book

decided to go out for a margarita before dinner. got to Mexican restaurant, sat down and 2 minutes later my mum & sister walked in for dinner. so we HAD to eat with them lol

and of course I needed 1 or 2 of these…

happy Friday night!!