The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack


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SO it is decided!

6:30 EST


not confirmed…
-Chev posted this last night… “What time are we meeting tonight? I can usually be here by 6:30 ET.”

Who else?



I like to think LB is always a GREEN Teamer.

GGM will have to find us…


And TT!


kathleen, will you be joining us to close volume 2 and start volume 3???

I did hear from shortman, he doesn’t think he’ll make it. he had a great vacation but is back at work and busy busy busy


TT is off today

I alerted TSH to the monumental event taking place here an less than 90 minutes

She is trying to contact TT…


Checking around, I see zero posts by TT today.

She has to freeze this thread unless we stop on our own or go over 1000 pages…

edit… Saw cklun’s post…

Should TT do this on her day off???



she is not working today

I have alerted TSH…she is attempting to reach TT She is a bit concerned!

We can not stop ourselves…waiting to hear back


Or, we just go to 2000 pages…
It is TT’s day off…


hahahaha while the cat’s away…


i had to pick up leah from high school, then ron from the bus stop… just got back from dropping georgia off at the dog beauty parlor… yep 6:30!! lol


BSN could really break woot!

So what is everyone having for snacks at 6:30?

I think I will open a beer at 6:25…


I don’t think going over 1000 is going to break it if 1000 didn’t. She can lock it when she gets back. No use bothering someone on their day off. Everyone needs those.


I forgot LL!!!

I already got my beer…

Sent LL a PM


husband is picking up chicken which we will have to cook for dinner. I hope he feels like cooking because at this rate we won’t be eating until after 6:30.

might have a beer later. might just crash.

ran errands after school. restocked pokeballs, then MAILED MY GREEN PACKAGE and then got a bagel. got home to find 4 packages. 2 from woot (boc and wootopoly) and 2 with clothes. son told me what to order, size, color etc. of course none of the 3 prs of pants I ordered fit him. hope I can exchange and keep black friday prices.

oh, and I’m also starting to make stuffed shells for dinner tomorrow.

so maybe you’re right. I will need a drink before I collapse.


yeah…I think once we hit it we can slow down…

last time the last poster…MBS…when she locked it got to start the new Green Grotto thread…


if TT doesn’t close the thread, how will we decide who should start (and name) volume 3 of the grotto???


I don’t know!!! WHAT CAN WE DO???


remember how sad and lost we felt without a green grotto?!?!