The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack

I love this one. We should bubble wrap the block for you.

You will catch up quickly. I slowed down on the new thread. I thought it was pretty cool we made it to 1000 pages though.


People tried to petition the Eiffel tower to not get built???

I never really thought about it since it is so beloved

Article is really cool. Has pictures of it being built and all


TY for the link! I read a lot about it before we went to Paris and the history is amazing!

I also read that you could use a slice of bread. Just don’t use it to make a PB&J after. “Mmmmmm, crunchy!”

I thought it was just a big French cell tower…

I’m home!! 9 hours of craziness!!

need beer and change of clothes…

back soon!!

be careful!

woo hooo!

maybe we should get you one of these, cklun…