The Green Grotto part deux: They're baaaack


seems like they are posting it in every active thread they can find…

don’t they know we don’t work here?


I know, right???

I looked on kids! and didn’t even see shirts for sale…?

You know how kids are… if he becomes a ‘troubled adoptee’, we’ll send him back to the orphanage/sweat shop.

Edit… Found it…
He spelled GREEN wrong!


Dave, how did you know tonight’s Manhands answer HOURS AGO?

Time Truck. BSN hot-wired it & I got the answer.
I was going to guess ‘coupon’ tomorrow for the yesterday manhands that should be today.

That was entertaining!


uh oh? I better go look.


STOP guessing WRENCH

I seem to have picked up a case of the sniffles. I’m gonna find whoever gave me this SHIT and beat them about the head!

No way!!!

Shit! That shit is NO good!

so many people getting antibiotics and cough medicine!! even one of the pharmacists at work is sick (and still there, giving flu shots)

worst part about working in the evening is missing so many tv shows!! I have a couple hours worth to catch up with. ack.

anyone know why I can login to woot once on my phone and never/rarely need to login again and yet my damn iPad logs me out every 5-10 minutes? I have it saved so I can autofill and not type it each time, but why does it do this??

That’s the new “full-circle service” I’ve been hearing about.

yep. flu shots with a side of the flu. how’s that for service?

I don’t know but the pill-slinger in the tiara is worth it for the trip alone!