The Grifter Sonoma Chardonnay (3)

The Grifter Sonoma County Chardonnay 3-Pack
Sold by: Rainier Wine
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2014 The Grifter Chardonnay, Carneros, Sonoma County

Would order but unsure about shipping. If received by 11/24, I would have it shipped to one state. After, to another. Anybody know about when to expect delivery?

11/24 is pretty quick but not unheard of but there’s 2 weekends in there.

Do you have a friend or someone you can send it to? Many of us ship to our local FedEx shops for holding.

It’s me, Damian, owner of Rainier Wine and vintner of the Grifter. It’s a yummy, single vineyard chardonnay. We will pull orders and ship by Tuesday. Where are you shipping to? Cheers, Damian

Are these oak or steel aged?

Yes. Excellent point. We like a touch of toast and a touch of ML. Winemaker Charles Keller picked and fermented two lots from the same vineyard (c-stone) in Carneros. 10% was barrel fermented in new French oak. The rest in stainless. We blended back together before ML. 33% of the total went through secondary ML.