The Hangry Games

The Angry Bird Games? Where’s the pig?

I have to admit this is pretty dang cute.

Wearing the shirt? :scared:

I’m really trying here, Woot. I can’t figure out why this is funny, clever, witty our otherwise desirable. Can someone help me out?

You know what they say, the early bird brings the fork.

It’s easier to eat the worm that way :slight_smile:

That pun is painful… Then again, coming from me… hehe

:slight_smile: Grats on the print fishy!

So many games, so many angered ; )

Thanks for putting this out there. I am with you.

Hangry is the term people use to describe anger that arises from hunger…you know when you (or others) act a little irrational not because you really feel that way but because you freaking need to eat something.

Not even close.

I didn’t know the term until a few years ago when a friend mentioned it. Upon hearing it I felt as though a divine light had broken through the clouds, revealing the word to describe what had gone for so long without name or explanation. It was then I knew what had plagued me for so many years. Now, now I could communicate my plight and be understood!

…which is to say, I’m hugely amused to see this here and am considering getting one even though I found the Hunger Games series to be somewhat lacking (or, much like the Matrix series, perfectly fine with just the first installment).

Birds using tools!!! Must be a crow.,32068,490943046001_2009877,00.html

If you want to be fulfilled, watch Battle Royale, the 2000 original that “Hunger Games” blatantly ripped off.
Be aware, original is subtitled Japanese movie, but very watchable, the dubbed version might be easier to watch.
Alas, as in The Matrix, the sequel sucked.

On the mothership:

nice work, FB5!

Wear this shirt while you’re buying that extra gigantic tub of popcorn when you go to see Catching Fire this weekend.

I’m honored to be featured today, thanks woot team! :smiley:

Neat one…

Might have bee offered a week or so ago so it could be worn to see the movie this weekend.

Nice print Naheed!

Thanks, I wasn’t getting it either. It must be a regional term or something; I’ve never heard it used before.