The Highlands Project Pinot Noir (4) w/Hat

The Highlands Project Pinot Noir 4-Pack with Hat from Tudor Wines
Sold by: Tudor Wines
$99.99 $178.00 44% off List Price
2013 The Highlands Project Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands

I’ve enjoyed Tudor pinots in the past, is this a 2nd label?

CT link

Yes, this is a 2nd label :slight_smile:

Important Peeno Noir public service announcement:

No brainer. In for one. NOT!!! No Georgia !!?!?!?!? Ugh.

Is this declassified fruit from your Tudor label or a separate fruit source?

Wow, you get a hat? I always wanted to buy this, but the lack of a free hat had been a deal breaker.

So you’re buying 3? :tongue:

it just says access denied

You might need to have a Cellartracker account to get access. Try Cesare’s link in the first post. It should work for you, and it takes you to the same place.

thank you! actually it was a workplace block, had to allow the site. it’s good to be the IT guy.

Same fruit, same barrels, etc. We select the best barrels for the Tudor label and then declassify 30 to 100 percent of each vintage.

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