The Highlands Project Pinot Noir (6)

The Highlands Project Pinot Noir 6-Pack from Tudor Wines
Sold by: Tudor Wines
$83.99 $240.00 65% off List Price
2013 The Highlands Project Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands

Such restrictive shipping options. :frowning:

Can’t get it at home in MA or at my new job in NH. :’(

Heck of a good deal here.

This was offered in February. 4 bottles for $99.99. And a hat. So 2 more bottles, $16 less, and no hat this time.

Hitting a good everyday price point, I need some drinking wines. Why not?

Aren’t all wines “drinking” wines? I mean…that’s kind of the point.

Haven’t heard from Dan Tudor for some time now.

Received an email on WED night informing me of my selection as a Grape Debater for this wine. A first for me…how exciting.

I immediately changed plans to home office yesterday and started preparing some pairings. Poco Loco wings from the local Tex-Mex joint. Pulled some carnitas out of the freezer. Dug out some cheeses. Opened the Halloween candy and grabbed all the mini-Hershey dark chocolate bars. I was ready.

Wine was to be delivered FedEx by 8:00p. I must have checked the tracking a dozen times. Package arrived in Minneapolis at 6:00p. I opened my front door and waited for the dog to bark. Silence.

My first Lab Rat aka Grape Debater experience was a bust. My apologies for not being able to review this wine to help in your decision to purchase. Assuming it arrives this morning, I’ll still try to pop’n pour and share some thoughts.

Wait…is that the dog I hear barking :grinning:

Wine. It’s what’s for breakfast.


Greeting Wooters! Winemaker Dan Tudor here. Just want to answer any questions and let you know that this is delicious declassified Santa Lucia Highlands pinot noir that normally would go into our Tudor pinot noir at 10x’s the price.

Is there any tasting notes from someone who drank this? Could this be considered on par with other SLH Pinots?

It tastes like classic SLH pinot noir. No oak chips, No syrah or other varietals added, No mega purple. It went into the same $1000 french oak barrels and was the same 2 to 3 ton per acre pinot noir fruit. 100% SLH fruit.
I typically declassify 30% to 100% of each vintage when I do barrel selections in the spring. The 2013 vintage I declassified 100% into two second label lots. One lot, about 1/2, was the Nacina SLH Pinot Noir and the other 1/2 is this wine.

Sounds like a solid EDC Wine if not a cut above. I’m yet to have a mediocre wine from this region. I’m in for a case. I need that EDC (Every Day Consumption) buffer to protect my long-term lay-down reserves… LOL

Cheers folks!

Hi Dan,

So is this wine the same as this previous Nacina offer on Woot? Looking at the tasting notes.

It’s not the same wine but a different lot. This wine has a bit more spicy note.



The dog is barking
The FedEx truck is now here
Time to drink the wine

Haiku anyone ?

100% Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot for $14.00 a bottle delivered? I could probably stop there. But there’s more. My very first Tudor wine.
Unscrewed and poured. A medium-bodied, semi-transparent color. The nose is prominent. Some oak, vanilla spice, and dark ripe black fruit. The taste is pure Pinot. Delicate, but not overly extracted. This was a surprise given its strong nose. One of the longest finishes I have experienced for a $14 wine. I can still taste it.

Pairings? Well the wings, carnitas, cheese, and dark chocolate from last night’s preparation are gone. But I can tell you it complimented my carton of Wendy’s chili (w/4 hot chili seasoning packets) very well. Isn’t that what makes Pinot Noir such a rock star ? Is there anything that it won’t go with ? Ok…maybe some of my wife’s cooking :frowning:

13.5% ABV. Great QPR. A quality everyday Pinot sipper ? Yes please.

And thank-you !

Happy to hear you like it!! :slight_smile:

It’s a second label to your second label? :slight_smile: Whatever you call it, I’m sold, I’m about to order a set.