The Highlands Project Pinot Noir (6)

…that Dan Tudor knows how to make Pinot Noir. Good to see him on Woot again!

Rolled the dice…I’m in.

Hi, Dan.
I’m intrigued by this offer, despite shying away from PN (I’m more of a Rhône, Sangiovese fan) but when I find an interesting PN I will give it a go… while I like the spice aspect I also like the mushroom/forest floor and earthiness side of PN, such as in the Oregon stalwarts. Any notes on this?

Hello Dan, we met at World of Pinot Noir in 2014, and we have enjoyed the Tudor Pinot Noir. We would love to get this deal, but see GA is not on the ship list.

Like PTommins I was ready to rat this wine yesterday, today not so much, therefore the late report.

Not ideal tasting circumstances, 7 hours in the Fedex truck to my office then home but clearly great QPR here.

Quality juice at a bargain price.

2 1/2 hours since opened, after a salad and leftover chili there’s only one glass left in the bottle.

Last wooter to woot: catcoland

OK, you talked me into it; plus it will help me ration my Wellington stock!! (& WineSmith too)

Last Wooter to Woot: PLSemenza

Hi Neil! Yes, he does. Although I haven’t had the actual Tudor Pinot, I have had both the Radog and Nacina Pinots and both were excellent values. I expect this will be as well.

I should not be buying right now but this is too hard to resist… I’m in for a set.

Any comment on drinking window, drink by ???

Rhône Sangiovese is the best! :tongue:
J/K, I saw the comma.

I believe there are some who call that creature “Petite Syrah” - don’t tell MDS! :tongue:
Chip, I always appreciate you CT comments! Had hoped after work/dinner Dan would chime in to answer the last handful of questions but with less than an hour, bubkas.

Thanks for the question. I would say drink through 2018 or mid 2019. Depends how you like your pinot noir.

I was finally able to try a bottle of this wine the other night and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It was definitely one of the better woot wines that I have had. Highly recommended!

Great to hear!