The Highlands Project Pinot Noir (6)

Close to pulling the trigger. I know this has been on Woot a few times this year. What say you, Woot community?

Had a bottle of this with Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Not as bright and fruit-forward as some SLH Pinots but instead a more brooding, spicy Pinot, especially with food. Not a beast by any means but fairly deep and dark for a Pinot. Medium-bodied with noticeable (but not distracting) oak and firm tannins.

Wasn’t what I was expecting but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

Great stuff.

Previous offer:

Ha! Just noticed I was first sucker. There I was, checking the wootoff while waiting for the check after my wonderful Szechuan dinner, and I saw that this was up. I shared a bottle a couple of weeks ago, and it was enjoyable, but not transcendant. That said, there’s a pretty wide audience for enjoyable PN, and my friends took 3 bottles off my hands after tasting it on Wednesday. So in I went for a fresh set.

Thanks for the feedback!

First sucker: InFrom
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Last purchase: 3 minutes ago

Edit to add: just finished my last 08 Roessler (Redbirds) with dinner yesterday and needed a daily drinker. This should fit the bill and hopefully more!

Bought last offer. Opened first bottle yesterday. Was gone in 15 minutes. I had not one sip. Family likes it, then I like it. In for another.