The Highway To Dell

I am looking for a laptop. The Inspiron 15-5547 looks good to me, but it’s almost 6 lbs. Interesting that these Dell’s have a 1 year warranty but the HP laptops have only 90 days.

Dell also doesn’t whitelist their BIOS. (Can upgrade to SSD)

i bought the Dell Inspiron 3847 new for $250.00 when staples made a coupon mistake. the pc is working well no problems. i can also update it to windows 10 for free when then offer it!

Can this be used with a docking station?

Dell Latitude laptop shown for the sale photo, no Dell Latitude laptops for sale…

Inspiron, latitude, whatever…

The 8700 says “32 gigs expandable to 32 gigs”…?

So … Huh?

32GB is correct, it’s at the max. Sorry for the confusion.

Check the Dell website for accessories they sell for their products.

Looks like Amazon has the same laptop for the same price. Price is the same but return policy is generally favorable on Amazon.

what’s the battery life on these 3-cell batteries?

since this deal was extended (as only 1 item sold out), will there be any drop in prices to encourage additional interest?

Any chance the version of Windows on the Dell Inspiron 15-7547 is 8.1 Pro?