The Hills are Alive

Run Fraulein, Run!

As a singer, this made me lol.

Don’t worry, Maria-- they’re more afraid of you than you are of them!

first glimpse at the picture I thought it was gonna be a joke about “The Hills Have Eyes”

Oh, I’m going to have some fun nightmares tonight. :\

Mmmm the hills look like they’re ready to eat an Austrian Sweet!

Everybody knows this one, right?

off to get some popcorn. I wonder what Mary’s popping?

I suppose the mountains would sing bass?

Hopefully Yucca Mountain will never come alive. I don’t think I would like the gravelly voices.

my dad’s been quoting the perfect lyric for this for YEARS… “aaand they’re going to EAT YOU!”


Too bad he doesn’t wear t-shirts or this’d be perfect for xmas.

On today’s episode of ‘Semantics Monday’: Aren’t those mountains and not hills?

Not sure if the text is necessary but I still like this a lot. Woot has been on a great streak of choosing shirts recently.

I bet Maria won’t be climbing those mountains!

They remind me of Chet in Weird Science…after he gets transformed.

hmm… I kinda want this because it made me laugh, but I’m pregnant and my hills are way too scary big now…

Oh wait! I know, Hanukahmas/Christmaka present for the husband! And it’s even blue! XD

Damn Nature, you scary.


The global warming finally got to the mountain tops.

Well played, sir… Well played.