The Home Theater Experience

I got the Sony 300watt 2.1 bar w/bluetooth and wireless sub last time it sold here.

Never been more pleased.

You know, those Mirage speakers might sell a bit better if there were some pictures showing the covers on them.

Just sayin’.

Onkyo really stands behind their gear. I had a problem with my receiver, they sent me the box and all the packing materials (with a roll of tape) and a return label. I sent it in and they fixed it the day it was received and shipped it THAT SAME DAY. Warranty turn around like that makes me want to buy another receiver but I don’t currently have a room to put it in…

Does the Onkyo have phono/turntable input, or is a preamp needed?

This receiver has a phono input.

Love your guys little descriptions. The minute I saw this, I went and listened to some Jimi Hendrix lol.

Is there a warranty with this product?

Indeed- you can check out the warranty info under the features tab towards the bottom.

I was looking at those and saw the holes for covers, but no pictures with the covers? Are they included?

Covers are included. A pic has been added showing the cover.

Last week I got the Pinnacle Speaker SuperSonic PLB Dual 12" 800W Powered Subwoofer I ordered from Woot!. It’s relatively small, about 15" square, and looks nice.

I hooked it up and ran the Audyssey calibration of my older Onkyo TX-NR515 (a lesser version of Audyssey than that which is included in today’s deal; mine sets levels and crossovers but doesn’t do any filtering).

My main speakers have two eight-inch woofers each. Audyssey cut them off at 50Hz and set the subwoofer crossover to 80Hz (the lowest the latter will go).

I have the volume knob on the subwoofer set at about a quarter. Audyssey still knocked the level down.

I don’t have an SPL meter, but I used a program on my laptop that generates sweeps and graphs output, and so far I’m very happy with it. I can’t tell when the sound switches from the mains to the subwoofer. I can’t measure relative volume accurately, but it appears that I’m getting solid actual notes down to near 20Hz without dead or booming frequencies. Music has more low end in the bass and more punch.

The subwoofer is only playing very low notes, so, even when I know that most of what I’m hearing is coming from it, I still hear the sound from the front, not the corner.

This is what I wanted. The subwoofer is making the low end better without drawing attention to itself. I’ve heard too many cheap ones that are booming along all the time, making voices and music sound too deep and muddy, with resonances that make some low notes, if you can call them that, louder than others. I’m hearing notes, and they all sound pretty good.

I played a lot of different music to try it out, from Tchaikovsky to Yes to Parliament to Bang Bang Eche to Skinny Puppy to Tobacco, and they all sounded fine.

For LFE content I played my Blu-rays of Godzilla and Pacific Rim and the Prime stream of Noah.

After tracking down all the loose things in the room that rattled I was impressed. LFE sounds clean and strong and really shakes the room when called for.

My room is about 1200 cubic feet with an open doorway at a back corner.

This is, of course, subjective, since I lack the tools for a more scientific approach, but I think, for a subwoofer under $500, I’ve made a good choice. I’m sure the ones I was looking at in the $800 to $1200 range are better, but I feel I’m getting performance I’m happy with for a lot less money.

Now I have to fight the urge to upgrade my receiver to the one being offered here for the better Audyssey configuration.

Note: YouTube videos may not have the low end of the original recordings.


Looks like this unit sells for $300 brand new on other sites. Why is this priced at only $50 less? Essentially the same price as new if you purchase the one year warranty.

Re. the Onkyo TX-NR626 I strongly urge Wooters to not buy this refurbished unit: it only comes with a 1yr warranty through Onkyo. These units have an above average failure rate and dealing with the factory is a big hassle when compared to …
Buying this from Amazon: it’s not refurbished and comes with a 2yr warranty for only a few more bucks. I’m headed there now to get one as my Yamaha RX-V567 is slowly dying.

I just ordered my second Baby Boomer :slight_smile:

Pinnacle uses questionable suggested retail prices,
so I can’t tell you what they “should” cost,
but I can say they’re well worth $199 each.

I’m using them as fill in base in a whole house soundsystem, and their power + tiny footprint work great for that!

I too just ordered a Baby Boomer and added BD2500 top of the line front and BD 700 top of the line Center.

I know this, whatever the list price at these prices the Pinnacle gear is a steal. I kind of equate this to Invicta watches, great stuff and a true bargain at the price you actually pay. I shopped around, no one can touch these Woot deals either. And now I can brag I got $8000 speakers for only $1000! Cannot beat that.