The Home Theater Experience

Onkyo receiver will last about 1 year then the hdmi board will go out. Had one go out on me after a year,sent it back for repair and a year latter same thing again…That’s why they have so many refurbs to sell…

I’ve had this receiver for 2 months and it is already starting to have issues. My internet connectivity has gone out the window. I cannot access the apps through the iPhone app or run the apps on the receiver. The sound does not start when I turn on the receiver and is delayed for a few minutes. It with then start, for 30 seconds or so and then go out again before it will start working a couple of minutes later. Also the Bluetooth capability has stopped working as well. I’ve tried to contact Onkyo and they are not the best about returning phone calls. I would be weary of this particular brand and model.

Ok, so, once again, looking for comments regarding the Pioneer speaker base. I’ve read several reviews saying the bluetooth connection would cut out here and there and I think I saw a wooter mention that the sound would cut out when hooked up via optical cable. Anybody have this and experience these issues? Anybody get a good one? The reviews regarding the sound are highly favorable, but sound cutting out isn’t good.

For the love of Bose, how many of these units does Wootazon have, anyway???

So lets assume I buy some of these Pinnacle speakers…and I get them home, unboxed, plugged in, and use them for a movie or two. Then, decide I hate the sound from them…
Can I return them? How does that work?

Erin from Pinnacle used to post here to answer questions about them and be the CS rep. Very helpful, I know some things were smoothed over here and there with Erin facilitating. I have the BD 2500s, 700 and dual 12" sub going through a Denon e400, and these speakers handle whatever your receiver throws at them. If you get them set up, and you don’t like the sound, you may need a different receiver. I have them set up in an large open concept great room/kitchen/dining area with vaulted ceilings and hard wood floors, it’s pretty bad for anything but great speakers, but the Pinnacles sound fantastic.
I paid a lot more for mine, the price my set up is listed for here is ridiculous. I can’t imagine anything in that price range sounding better. The only negatives I can think of are that you can’t biamp the 2500s (I can’t have surround speakers, I would have really liked to do that) and the 700 is huge (but it needs to be to keep up with the 2500s).

I’ve got a link to our return policy in my signature. Short answer is no.

Haven’t seen Erin around for awhile, is there a new CS rep to contact through woot or is that not a thing anymore?

Axis- I also have the BD700 center, Supersonic sub, Baby Boomer sub, and Sat 150’s. Pinnacle is fantastic quality!!! Sound is rich,warm. Deep bass! The black piano finish is gorgeous!!! I highly recommend them. I too have cathedral ceilings. I just got the BD 2500’s delivered to me today too. I cant what to get home! You will not be disappointed. I promise!

If you aren’t sure you want it, then Woot isn’t the place to order it.

I got the dual 12" subwoofer a couple of weeks ago. They are mounted front to back, so you only see one. This allows them to be in a much smaller cabinet.

I’ve been very happy with the quality for the money spent so far.

My main speakers have two 8" woofers each, so Audyssey cut them off at 50Hz and the subwoofer at 80Hz.

The subwoofer doesn’t boom or draw attention to itself. With music I can’t tell when the sound is coming from the mains and when it is coming from the sub. The transition sounds smooth. Kick drums have punch.

For LFE in movies I get strong vibrations but no boomy sound.

I’m sure I could have done better by spending twice as much or more, but I’m very happy with this unit at this price.

For the Sony sound bar, would I need a separate amp or reciever to power it? or can I just plug it into the wall?

I’m looking at either of the two Samsung packages with Blu-ray player and speakers to go with the Samsung Smart TV I just got. I’m having trouble figuring out what the differences are. I don’t care about the apps/connectivity on the Blu-Ray player, since I have the TVs features, Roku and Chromecast for that. Just want better sound than what the TV came with, and to play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Maybe I should just get the Samsung soundbar/woofer combo and wait for a Blu-Ray player deal, or get one from the mother ship? Not sure I have room for or really need all those speakers. I am not an audio- or video-phile. I made it to 2015 with a 32" standard def tube TV, for crying out loud.

You don’t have to be a gourmet to appreciate the different between a McDonald’s hamburger and a steak, and you don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate the difference between a crappy sound system and a good one. Movies and TVs these days have great sound, and I think people who dismiss it just don’t know what they are missing.

As for the HTIBs being sold here, neither say that support Audio Return Channel (ARC), which is the best way to get the sound from your TV to the amp, since it happens in the HDMI cable.

Your best bet is to check the Samsung site for more detailed information. Without ARC you can still get the sound from your TV to the amp using either normal audio cables or an optical cable as long as both your TV and the HTIB agree on which one to use.


I just received my Pioneer speaker base on Friday. I unboxed it, connected it my 47" LG via optical and programmed my LG remote. The sound is great, but I have not had time to really tweak any of the settings yet, but the default settings seem to be spot on. My TV is position next to a window which has the central AC compressor outside and it was always hard to hear any of the TV program while it was running, but this really helps.

I can not answer your question about BT as I have not tried to pair my iPhone yet. I can try that today and report back. But so far I would recommend this purchase.

Not sure which Sony soundbar you mean, but I got the low-end 60W one for $79. I have it plugged into the wall, and connected to a cheap Samsung TV directly. No actual problems.

You only asked about the need for a separate amp, but i’ll throw in some general comments.

In my experience, the TV sound is fine by itself, especially casual TV watching at night, so I tend to keep the soundbar turned off. Reason is that fiddling with two remotes is more work than some stupid TV show is worth to me. However, the soundbar gives the option of cranking it up and filling out the sound for movies.

Am I happy with the purchase? Yeah, but glad I didn’t pay $50 more to get the 300W wireless model.