The Home.Woot Garage Sale

Limit of 3? So I can decorate 1.5 windows LOL

Did anyone else notice the duplicate items? Or is it just me?

2 per package I believe

We’ve raised the limit on the window panels.

BTW, some are single panels and others are sets. Just watch the title.

The anti-snore thing is a joke, right? You can find them for $2.75 on Amazon.

There are higher quality ones available on and other places.

I thought you were a deals site, not an “fleece the uninformed consumer” site? I’m honestly a little disgusted and things like this make me question every other listing you have.

I just got my curtain rod in the mail, and the finial won’t attache to the rod. The diameter of the rod is too wide for the finial. I feel like a kid trying to put the square block in the round hole! Help!

Just got my replacement rod in the mail, and same thing…the finial doesn’t fit on the rod. And the only hardware included are the hooks for the wall to rest the rod on…no go on this one. On top of that, the finial wood doesn’t even match the painted metal faux wood rod. Shame!