The Home.Woot Garage Sale

We bought the High Sierra duffle bag about a year and a half ago from another store (and paid more!) and we love it. We travel a lot, at least one weekend away a month, and I can get toiletries, shoes, and all our clothes for three or four days (for two people) in it, easily. The bottom compartment is capacious, and the top center compartment grows and shrinks based on how much you put in the side pockets, so we end up moving things from the top to the bottom as we wear them, or vice versa, depending on how we packed that trip. The only downside is that it doesn’t stand on end very well, when full, but I balance it with a separate tote bag (usually full of snacks for the road) hanging on the handle, and it does fine. Loads and unloads into a vehicle well, although an extra handle on the bottom (edge across from the extendable handle, where the wheels are) wouldn’t go amiss, for moving it flat when it’s full.

Is the Nat Geo Kontiki bag 22" or 26"? The pages shows both sizes.

The one with the 22" title was 22". It’s sold out now.

The remaining one is 26".

If I buy a few candle sets, will one remote control them all?

I would think Woot & Amazon would stay away from selling Ivory items which only promotes the slaughter of innocent elephants.

Are Amazon & Woot trying to profit from buyers ignorance?

As of February 2014 selling Ivory in the US is illegal unless the seller can prove it’s a “bona fide antique” of over 100 years old (a fact sellers will have to prove).

The EO also states that we cannot trade from state to state (interstate).

“An estimated 38,000 African elephants are being killed annually, “more than at any time in decades,” reported the New York Times. The elephant population dropped from some 1.3 million in 1979 to 470,000 or even fewer today.”

Ivory is the color, they certainly aren’t made of ivory.

It’s NOT the color!!!

The specifications say:

”3" x 6" Sq CARVED IVORY"

Get to know your products better!

I’m certain that it’s Ivory colored wax. That’s their secret for getting that “real wax feel with melted edges”.

I own a few family pieces of Ivory that are well over 100 years old. I keep them for sentimental value from my great-grandparents.

The candle you’re talking about is the COLOR of the candle, not what it’s made of. If it was Ivory they would have been sold out as fast as they came on.

I don’t believe in the slaughter of elephants either and have made donations to the elephants in rescue. You Spirit299 need to read what is being sold before making assumptions and wasting others time.

WRONG! I own the candles. THEY ARE WAX ( Paraffin wax/plastic)!!!

There are several on sale here. You are talking about a different item. AND, why do they say in the “specs” they are “carved Ivory” and not "carved wax/plastic”… misleading buyers perhaps!

The price is another clue that this isn’t antique Ivory, and that it could be illegal ivory.

If that is the case (which I’m not sure), why would they need to say “real wax feel” if it IS wax?

Why would they have it in the “specs” that it is “carved ivory” and not “carved wax” or “carved plastic”?

Why would they say: “No one will know that this is not a real candle! Ivory candles feature an intricate carved scroll pattern”… or they are attempting to mislead a person as to what it is made of?

Ivory = Color