The Home.Woot Garage Sale

what is the “gargen” of which you speak?

I don’t know what you’re talking about. :wink:

The sheets all say “Egyptian Cotton” on the home.woot garage sale page, but when I click through to the actual product pages they just say 100% cotton. Which one is it?

Can you give me an example? I just clicked through them all. The ones that say Egyptian cotton, say it on the sale page. The ones that don’t say it, say what they’re made of in the features.

The towels say “bamboo cotton” … which is it? bamboo, or cotton, these are entirely different plants.

Thanks – Everything looks right now. Either I was doing something weird before, or someone fixed it :slight_smile:

Hmmm, they’ve been called Bamboo Cotton for the last 15 or so sales. I’ll check.

UPDATE: Per the vendor:
Bath: 30 x 54
Hand: 16 x 28
Wash:12 x 12
70% Cotton / 30% Rayon from Bamboo
525 gsm

Does anyone happen to know if the Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum comes with the attachments?

They’re listed in the product “features/description” but “inside the box” only list the vacuum itself…

Woot told me to try the message boards :smiley: Appreciate any info you’ve got. Thanks!

Hmmmmm, the team is checking with the vendor.

That would be awesome! Thank you very much

You can cancel this…looks like the item is now sold out. Thanks anyway!

The flameless candle set says “remote sold seperately”, will they still work without the remote?

Also, what kind of batteries do the candles use?

Sorry for the late reply.

Woot Staff has informed us that the candle DOES work without the remote.

Thanks for your inquiry!