The Home.Woot Garage Sale

Cat litter pan - what is the height? The picture says it’s about 14" high, but the description says it’s 11" high. Thanks.

I have this same litterbox. I measure it at 11 and ~3/4 inches high with the shield.

Please PLEASE dont put a goldfish in that tank… That tank is even too small for a beta.

Goldfish need huge tanks, maybe a 20 gallon for one…

Hagen Nerf Dog TPR Crunch/Squeak Football 6"


Our English Bulldoggie (no nose) was trying to ingest the mesh/fabric wrapped around a plastic water bottle he pulled out from inside this toy. Took him less than 10 minutes to pull the toys “guts” out.

getting the fish tank for an oscar. thanks woot!

There’s more than one tank on sale, one of which is a 25 gal.
You might want to specify if you’re talking about the smaller ones.