The House Always Wins

one could say


That’s what happens when you try to cheat the house.

More like the MOUSE always…erm…

Oh dear, I lost the joke.

Looks like a full house to me

Simply said, the mice lost the game.

How’d they get the cards and chips down there? Is this a legitimate gambling establishment?

That’s a pretty roomy snake-- they could get some roulette going in there, some baccarat, maybe some craps. Think big, little mice, think big.

So I guess getting eaten by a snake isn’t as bad as I always thought it would be.

I wonder what the stakes are once they’ve been eaten…

“If I win, you get to be digested first!”

It’s a good thing the mice thought to grab cards and poker chips before their untimely demise. Or does the snake just have a taste for cardboard and plastic as a nice mice garnish? Furthermore, where does one GET playing cards and poker chips that small? This shirt is chock full of logical fallacies and I reject it as absurd.

I think the real question is where the snake found packages of tiny playing cards and poker chips and what motivated the snake to eat them. Seems like an odd thing to do.

It’s another Walmazan shirt! I can now add this to my collection. Mucho amor, Luchador!

What happens in the snake STAYS in the snake (well, until it’s digested, anyway)

Is that the snake’s tongue or is this snake smoking a pipe (and thus super classy)?

It’s like Christmas! Two great shirts in a row, one from one of my very favorite artists! And…IT’S A RODENT SHIRT…-dies- I just P & D’d. (pooped & died)

Excellent, looks like another order! Congrats Walz!!!

SO weird.

Are the mice playing poker…or Uno? Perhaps gin rummy?

Ah yes, the deadly Translucent Viper. It has an insatiable appetite for cardshark rodents.

Oh thank god that is a snake. For a second there I thought it was intestines, if ya catch my drift.