The HP Notebook Basement

I have the HP Envy Touchsmart being sold in this promotion (not sure if it’s the exact same model or a visually identical model, but it doubtlessly uses almost all the same components), and it is without a doubt the most poorly-built laptop I’ve ever owned.

Just outside the 90 day warranty, I had 1) the M key fail
2) One of the touchpad buttons break off and worst of all 3) as I sat using the PC, I literally watched a crack form and spread on my digitizer screen, probably a result of thermal shock from the excessive heat the unit generates.

Mind you, this sis a laptop that sits on my desk and is used gently and has only ever left its spot a couple of times in a padded case.

I know HP laptops aren’t known for the best QC, but I’ve owned 2 others prior to this one and never experienced anything nearly this bad.

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Just checking in here on this very laptop, although it has an AMD A10 processor, but it is very much the same.
I have bought HP products previously, I love my old Elitebook.
And I can promise you that this laptop is TERRIBLE.

One week after my 6 month warranty ended the CPU fan started making terrible noises. They would eventually go away as the laptop heated up (another problem I will go over). But now the fan has become so off center that the noise is unbearable. In order to replace the fan yourself (I have tried) you have to take apart the whole laptop, including the monitor, terrible design HP. After you’ve got the poor laptop in pieces, you literarilly have to TEAR METAL WIRE CLIPS off of the machine, you cannot remove the wire any other way, you cannot get to the fan without taking out the wires. You will probably have to do this at some point if you purchase this laptop, because the fan bearings are absolutely terrible.

Now about this fan, the idle temperature is 90 degrees. You’re probably thinking, “Oh 90 degrees fahrenheit, thats pretty good!” Nope, the idle is 90 degrees centigrade, that is 195 degrees fahrenheit.
I have seen it get up to 264 degrees while playing counter strike, at this point it goes into panic mode and shuts down everything but the fans.

Yeah the specs on this laptop are great, BUT DON’T BUY IT. IT IS SO NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE.

Can I return the product if it errors or does not match the expectation?

Short answer, yes, we do returns for defective/damaged items. You can also find the warranty info for each model in the Features section on the sale page.

And, here’s woot’s full return policy.