The Hunt For Red Craptober

way too fast


You fucking bastard site. I had checked I was logged in just 2 minutes before this popped up then when I tried to buy it I was logged out …^%T&RF %I&^%T^&I$%RU%Y$U&$&U$&,tell me when Im logged out for fucks sake.

ha ha ha perfect


Just WTF is going on here? it was already sold out as soon as it appeared. I was hitting F5, seeing the cuisinart coffee maker still there, saw the crap, hit I want one, and it was already sold out in less than 2 seconds.

~First ever bag of crap!~

WOOOOHOOOOO!!! This is a good week.


Yea, strange…

dang, got one in january, now one in february. b-ring o-n c-arpal tunnel after all these f5’s!

After spending all day laying-over between 3 separate airports and watching their crappy wi-fi deny me any chance at a BoC, I finally got one! Huzzah!

It says the last sale was 3 minutes ago, and my comment was posted 1 minute ago, and, i posted as soon as I saw sold out, how did 2 minutes go by in 2 seconds?

Refresh the community page (when the time comes) and click through that way.

It shows up there before it does on the main page and gives people quicker access.

STOP loggin me the fuck out.

I agree, I have missed at least 5 bags of crap because of being logged out.

Ugh, what a fucking pile of shit woot! has become over the years.

and, how am I supposed to know which one it will be coming up on?

They need to come up with some better way of doing it, this is just not fair, or fun, any more.

use the community page like people have mentioned. I’ve scored three since I’ve learned about that technique.

There is also no pattern…why would there be a definite pattern? That’s like hunting for easter eggs while someone points out where they are. There’s occasionally events and hints, but never a for-sure answer. You have to keep an eye out for potential patterns and join the hunt!

Also, life isn’t fair. It doesn’t rain gold and men can’t get pregnant. Quit whining and stand up for your F5 madness! GO GET SOME WIN.

Don’t poop on the party because you haven’t bought some crap. Join in and keep trying, i’ve missed about 5 on this wootoff alone, but now myself and my friend both managed to snag one. PERSEVERE!

…or just go away. They do warn of impending frustration and disappointment, after all.

Good luck, and I sincerely hope someone craps in your mailbox. I also hope it’s woot, and not a hobo.

DUDE! hardcore F5age there, good job!

congrats on the poop.