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You get a cool kid point if you can name the deal title’s reference, but more if you can find reviews on this gear for everyone to see!


under the specs it says for soft nose bullets only… I have soft point .223 i’d like to shoot at these but my 9mm are not soft point… anyone know if these will withstand 9mm hollow point?


One plink only please.


If you get the higher rated one it should handle it ok, but I would still take it easy.


The camera is awesome. In previous sales someone was asking about mounting it on a gun and it was thought that it wouldn’t take the abuse. My husband did just that this weekend at the range and got some great video. Not sure how well it would hold up for long term use in the position but for a few firings it was excellent. Later tonight if I can figure it out I will post the videos. He can’t believe the camera is so inexpensive for the quality. I may be picking another one up this time around.

EDIT - Ok, figured out how to upload the video. Here you go: [youtube=5RUOjNhEyKE][/youtube]

Midland Sports Camo Action Camera

I wonder if this will handle .40? I am sure it will not handle .45

Just wondering


I’m confused: Woot can sell hunting gear, complete with pics of guns, but we can’t post community deals about guns?


Get the 9mm/30.06. Hollow points in general act like soft points. You should be fine. Just don’t shoot FMJ or steel tipped.

9mm/30.06 also. Should be fine with 40 or 45 at 30 yards+ cause you won’t ever hit it! :wink:


If you plan to use the camera for deer hunting you may want to experiment with it first. The record button can be a little noisy when you slide it forward. It would be very easy to miss a chance at a deer if it was turned on at close range. It may get better the more it is used or with practice.

So far the camera has been great with no problems. A local sporting goods store has this exact model on the shelf for $100 so this is a great deal.


Pistol Calibers at a minimum distance of 30 yards

So that’s OK if you’re target practicing with a pistol, using a pistol for something it wasn’t designed for. Pistol (self defense) range is about 20-30 feet, which happens to be the range you can drop somebody and legally defend yourself.

But 30 yards with a 9? Would that even hurt?


you’re on your own if you want to violate the specs of the target, but if you do may I suggest using this Frangible Ammunition