The Hunt



I’ll be the most popular dude in the trailer park with this one.

Reminds me of this:


Yet ANOTHER boy shirt! WTF!


I’ve got my eye on… your chest! Very striking design, I can’t wait to see how it prints.


The use of the white half-tones and the negative space used to create the glistening effect of a real eye are what make this design so awesome.


Looks incredibly detailed and polished on-screen; however, I’m withholding all judgments on this one until I’ve seen how it actually prints.


Nice design. Great execution. I am very tempted. Hmmm, any trips to Africa planned?


You’re a clever girl for posting the clever girl meme as the condition. Props to the writers!


But then who was taking the photo?!


Wow! I was floored by this when I saw it in the Derby. Such great work. Not my style for a t-shirt and I won’t be buying, but it’s an amazing design nonetheless.


Hutto, TX? I know where that is. It’s really close by. Next to Round Rock, north of Pflugerville. :slight_smile:


I giggled.

In Soviet Russia, chest stares at YOU!


Cat pupils do not work that way.


Loved the Thompson’s Gazelle’s story. Too bad he won’t be around to write a sequel.


They see me stalkin’, they bailin’!!!

Edit: grammar


Cannot decide if want this shirt with coupon or “special thing” promised from buying 3 randoms…


The artist explained in the Derby that lion pupils are different from other feline pupils.

Edit: Oops, it wasn’t the artist, but someone else in the thread did.


Wow, I think I just single-handedly caused my home state to light up on the map!


Congrats on the print - this is an incredibly great design.


The level of detail is amazing; the lion’s fur, the shape of the tree, even the birds flying. Gorgeous.