The Internet is Never Wrong!!!

Thank goodness cats always land on their feet.

And just to make sure - someone will be filming this, right? The internet needs more cat videos, y’know.

: ) This shirt will boost your confidence like a cat made rocket booster!

Why cats own the Internet, are smarter then dogs, and will someday - soon - rule the world.

Yea, that’s simply not true buddy. Do a little research.

Now if a dog was wearing the rocket, and a cat was lighting the fuse telling him not to worry because the internet is never wrong…

Whether a dog or a cat wears that rocket, another anagram for Patrickspens is:

Crisp pet sank.

Keep that in mind too!

Research complete. Passmark findings are as follows:
Cats 42
Dogs 456, but far more tail wags.
Humans 1071

Conclusion: both cats and dogs are smarter than humans. Dogs are far more forgiving in their processing, but cats are a bit too fast that they get ahead of themselves (re: zoomies). They will whip your butt when challenged.

Take it as you will :slight_smile: I need to go feed my masters.

A modern cat character to be added to the Broadway show Cats. I wonder what the song would be?

Thank goodness that I’m immune to the charms of cats, or I might succumb to this one!

Well done, Patrickspens!

The question is, are you immune to the charms of adorably drawn rockets, clouds, and funny quotes? I’m not sure if I am.

I wasn’t immune to any part of that shirt… just ordered one…