The Iron Octopus



A different world, fascinating in its details. Nice to see designs on the crisp canvas of a white shirt.


Well deserved win. Great scene with awesome details.


That’s one crazy cool cephalopod.


This looks like it’s an aquatic version of Howl’s Moving Castle. Very cool!


This is so beautiful! It looks great on the white, but I ruin everything white instantly… I think I’m going to hold out until there’s a different color, or a journal or tote or something… this is so great that I have confidence it will be back in other forms.


I don’t have a great track record w/ white either but for $12 I can enjoy it til I need to dye it to cover a mark, say maybe a green or blue, or both!


Oh wow, this is super cool. I’d have voted for it had I remembered to check on the derby.


Easily the best thing in that derby too, and it won! Will wonders never cease. Purchased! Good job!


This is a beautiful design! Is there any chance of you uploading a larger version somewhere to use as wallpaper?


Debut day: 426
Votes: 97, the lowest so far for a 1st place winner.


Amazing detail; too bad it’s ruined by being on white. =(


FYI, the derby theme was 3 colors on white … so why would you expect it to have printed on anything other than a white shirt?


I LOVE this image! Is there any way to buy a print of this as opposed to getting it on a t-shirt?


Not at this time, unfortunately.