The Jam Stand Sampler (6)

The Jam Stand Sampler 6-Pack
$39.99 $77.00 48% off List Price
1 - Grape Jelly-10.5 oz.
1 - Strawberry Jam-9.5 oz.
1 - Sweet Wino Onion Jam-10.5 oz.
1 - Peachy Sriracha Jam-9.5 oz.
1 - You’re My Boy BLUE-berry Bourbon Jam-9.5 oz.
1 - Drunken Monkey Jam-9.5 oz.


Good thing there aren’t 24 flavors.

(Too obscure?)

Can’t ship JAM to PA. There’s an epic fail…

fixed. sorry. these are decadent btw.

Says they can’t be shipped to Minnesota either?

Should be good now.

Managing the states list continues to be a monumental challenge. :tongue: