The Japanese Pantry Brown Rice Vinegar

The Japanese Pantry Brown Rice Vinegar, 900ml Bottle
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$49.99 $70.00 29% off List Price
Iio Jozo Brown Rice Vinegar, 900 ml Bottle

Fifty bucks?
List price of $70?

How come it’s on the Japanese Pantry web site for $35???

That’s 500ml. We’re selling the 900ml bottle.


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Wish it was Wellington, bet you’d have more than 1 bottle sold

Sorry, I have to pass on this

Is this a much better product that Eden Organic Brown Rice Vinegar? You can purchase that for $6 for 300ml which puts the equivalent volume costing $18 on google express.

Check out the ‘Quantity Breakdown’ - 50% bought two, but the other guy bought three or more.

Go figure.

this is some super high end product at a great price. not for everyone, but the quality standard and the QPR are undeniable.

I admire Woot’s attempt to continue Wine Woot in it’s current format but just kill it off please. Selling 7 bottles of vinegar is no way to brand yourself. You killed the little corners called Kid and Fashion take the next step. You know you want to. Add a section to Home and Kitchen and reclaim your main menu.

Back of the envelope math tells me it’s almost 300% better.

Give us some time to grow it. It was a late change so WCC is working to develop relationships with new vendors.

I’m loving the format. Getting to buy only once per week because I live in a no-ship state was getting old. And if you put a wine based product, even less. I look forward to cheese options (Point Reyes Bleu, Belle Chevre cheese from Elkmont, AL…hint hint), chocolate, caramel, and any artisan foods you find. Keep up the good work.

As a big foodie, I actually enjoy seeing nothing but food products, and high end ones. Granted, I’m probably not ever going to actually buy them, unless they really are extremely discounted and clearly worth the original price (haven’t seen any on this new site yet), but I still like window shopping high end foodstuffs more than high end other stuff, anyway.