The Joy of Kelty



Time to hike around the forums and do a Kelty club check-in! Review your pack, and pick up a spare!


Reminds me I need to send my sun shade poles in for repair. Kelty has awesome customer service and stands behind their products with free repairs/replacements. Still wish Coleman did that.


I love my Kelty gear. They are all great bags, I really like the Lakota, though. Lots of easily managed compartments, and it is black.


Will there ever be a M/L Kelty Redwing 50 available on woot? :frowning:


Y u no have M/L Redwing


If you’re in the market for an Avocet, now is the time to get one. They have been discontinued in the 2013 line-up (as has the Courser [although the Courses has now been replaced by one of two size Pawnee style]). They are great little fun packs and you absolutely cannot beat the price! I bought one for all the nieces and nephews for Christmas and they love them! Snag some while you can.

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come back with that 100L bag. i changed my mind i want to buy it!


I love my Kelty Redwing 50! Friends came to visit and we decided to go camping at a last minute idea. They where surprised all the stuff I was able to carry in it and still have space for more - we camped for 3 days and had all the necessary equipment in it!!! I am sure they are getting one as well.


Good grief! No M/L on the Redwing again?


Add my voice to those of my fellow brethren who are of larger stature…

when will Woot get these in M/L???


I can’t promise today or tomorrow but I can promise that there’s going to be a lot of pointing at this thread to the buyers, who no doubt will do their best to see what they can manage. :slight_smile:


Well while they’re at it, tell them I want a M/L Coyote in Cypress instead of that gawd awful Java.


Again as seen by many previous posts is the absence of the larger sized packs. I would be in for two of the Redwing 50’s if the M/L was offered. Hopefully there is truth and action from the staff minions and these will magically appear?!?!?


I wouldn’t say they’ll magically appear for this sale. Future sales, WHO KNOWS.


Yes, the lack of M/L Sizes on many models of KELTY Packs has been a real frustration. I know I would have bought at least 3, that did not happen due to sizing. Plus, HEY KELTY, US BIG PEOPLE CAMP TOO!!!


Another guy who would be in for 2 if woot would find some M/L.


Every time these bags come up for sale I want to buy one, but I never know which one to get. I am always in and out of the hospital, so I want to get one as a “bug out bag”.
I am barely 5’1" and don’t weight a lot. Can anyone recommend a bag for me? I don’t care if it’s a sold out one or sold somewhere else.


I’ve been delaying and thinking about ordering one of these for months and finally pulled the trigger figuring that they aren’t Dyson’s - they have to run out eventually!

Ordered a Lakota on Wednesday and it arrived to my home in southeast Penn. on Friday! Woot speed is waaaaay up!


I have 3 Redwings 50, one is a BOB (always with me as I also work in a hospital) and the other 2 are for regular camping stuff for me and my wife. I have enough supplies for 3 days in the BOB, including stoves, tents, sleeping bag, clothes, first aid, food…all the essentials needed and still have space for more. I do recommend this one as it is not Top Loading, so basically you have everything at hands reach instead of digging in the bag. I am 5’7" and the S/M fits perfect and haven’t had any problems with fitting. I do recommend the Redwing 50 hands down.