The King of Monsters

I love my Free Hugs. Flee, little people, Flee!

In regards to the shipping information, does Amazon short woot of that much resources that it’s going to take ~14 days to simply fulfill and ship an order for a shirt?

I feel like there is some guy at amazon corporate shorting resources such as more support staff, who has no clue of the value of Woot, and is just assuming that because we’re paying low prices for things, it’s okay to just neglect other things we had prior to their acquisition, like lack of miscommunication in customer service, and such issues.

I’ve never bought anything from woot and had it show up in less than 10-14 days. Before or after Amazon. Slow service is par for the course in my experience.

  • This sale lasts a week.
  • These shirts won’t be printed until after the sales close, so they know how many to print.
  • These aren’t the only shirts that will be printed, so there’s a scheduling aspect too.

If you want gratification sooner, buy from the Top 20, which are shelf stocked, and overnight shipping; the free shipping option takes 5-15 days.

The only one I already have is Pandemonium and I turned it orange (along with a dozen other shirts) with bleach. :frowning:
But at least that justifies restocking the closet.

Most all of these are incredible but I think almost all of them would be better as posters.
Currently, I have $201 of Shirt Woot in my cart. I think the only was I’ll be able to cut down my cart is by convincing my self I’m waiting for posters. :stuck_out_tongue:

So much giant green lizard love (and on some shirts, that can be taken in a disturbing literal fashion).

Yes my collab is up!! Buy reptar