The Kiss

Nothing better than a long cat kiss.

has w00t done journals before?

just curious.

in for 1.

I prefer Rodin’s The Kiss to Klimt’s The Kiss.


Nice design.

and here I have resolved to not buy any shirts. Well, I guess I’ll just just this one.

Love Gustav Klimt… Hate cats. Very torn about whether to buy this or not.

Go look at the Spring side sale.

Cute cat in an odd sort of way.

Way too much creepy. I had a dream just a few nights ago that I was petting a white cat with zombified blue eyes. It kept stretching up as I was scratching it behind the ears. Soon it’s head was up to my shoulder even though it’s paws were just above my waist. I can’t stand cats. They creep me out, but every time I tried to stop petting it, it came a little closer to my face and dug it’s claws in a little more.

The designer of this shirt is a better artist than “KLUMPT”. Yes, I said it. Thats not art.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile, plus it’s on my favorite t-shirt color for spring and summer. :smiley:

Very cute!

Hate the yellow shirt color, though, so I wouldn’t buy it no matter how much I liked the design.

Sorry, yellow is not exactly my favorite either, but, yellow was the only color that goes well with this. :frowning:

Can’t see a Klimt reference without thinking of Elfen Lied.

Look out the next time WOOT has “?” shirt sale… guessing allot of bags will be filled with this one.

That is one big ass cat. Cool shirt.

I’ve always liked long cat kisses, too. So did the cat.

(in the sexiest voice I can muster…)


I just finished an “art” shirt too! love this one- might have to grab it for casual fridays at my school.