The Kitchen.Woot Garage Sale

The Vibe garlic peeler is a great start for making miniature Kermit heads…

I bought two of the Zeroll scoopers last time and am impressed with them. They are rather heavy-duty and work much better than the plastic cookie-dough scoopers I used to have.

If you are wondering about the size and capacity of each one, Zeroll has a handy dandy chart for that:

Orka (Mastrad) mitts are slippery if they get the slightest bit greasy. And some people are creeped out when you grab hot stuff with something that looks like plastic. I still love my Orka’s, though.

The Zevro ice bucket is cooler (!) than it looks, the lid opens when you remove the tongs, and closes when you replace the tongs. The tongs can pick up one cube or it can be used as a scoop for several cubes. The bucket is double walled for insulation.

Neither the Features nor the Specs provided for the Vibe Mixing Bowl Set provide info to answer one of the most basic questions we could ask: what are they made of??

Plastic? Glass? Melamine? Mithril??