the kitecam chronicles


hey wooters,

i wanted to share a video with the woot community. this is a comedic ‘documentary’, featuring kite aerial videography. i have a tendency to attach my camera to anything i can, filming all kinds of weird video, so i compiled some of my kitecam footage and edited it into an short film. enjoy :slight_smile:


Freaking hilarious!!
I love the music choices, too!


that was fun, there are sections that I don’t recommend to viewers who are currently taking Nyquil or DayQuil


Good catch Mike!
You didn’t think all those light poles were obstacles?
Excellent film! I enjoyed it!


thanks for the comments, guys. i’m glad you enjoyed the film. feel free to, and please do share this with others, if you desire.

as for the day/nyquil comment, i’m not so sure i understand, but then again, i’m not taking either of those. concerning the light pole obstacles, that was the point of the ‘fly in an area free of obstacles’ joke, but i’m pretty sure you already got that.


The question is…how expensive was that camera? Because I bet it didn’t live to a ripe old age.


the camera of choice is/was a philips key019. the mini flash-drive camera is great, but due to virtually no marketing, philips discontinued it soon after its launch and it’s rare to even see one on ebay… are you listening woot?

and you’d lose your bet; the camera is still ticking. i’ve mounted it to all kinds of stuff-- that r/c car w/ fans on the back that woot once had, my marching xylophone for college halftime shows filmed from the field (also on youtube), my dog from the kitecam video… all that’s suffered is the battery life-- anything i try to mount it to now requires the battery pack attachment, too.


Some of the bumpy stuff in the sky is even bumpier if you are on one of the 'quils. I got a little woozy. (have a summer cold)


Heck, there are enough bored people here. Post a link to any you have on you tube!