The Land of Crap and Honey

How many f’ing times are they going to make me log in…



I finally learned - log out and then back in when the item hits 2%

womp womp…

So close and yet so far…

Is there a way to block a website on your computer?

I wonder how much of my life I have wasted today putting BOC’s in my cart and placing orders only to have them error out.

Sonnafabi-tch I hate this site. Three times clicked and in time but to be denied on finalization. #hatethiswootcraptasticsite

piece of shit website put two in my cart then kicked me out for “trying to buy to many” …no I hit the button once

I hope this one is $2 more crappy. Or is it less crappy? Either way, I look forward to the disappointment.

Missed 9 bags so far. Back to web surfing.

Now I got this item is not currently available, thou shalt not cheat. Every time, a different way to fail at getting a BOC

doesnt matter if Im logged in or not. Goes from 100% to 0 before I can even add to cart.

Yay, finally got one today.

Eventually we have to win ya?

So far and yet not even close

Why do I even bother?

Refreshed for a solid 2 minutes (Since 9:48 CST) and just got the sold out putty page - for a solid 2 minutes.

When I finally refreshed at 9:50 and got the Crap page, it was already sold out.

So pointless.

bah, screwed again. you can keep your crap woot. i’m done

It all moves quickly til I click Add to Cart. Then it takes enough time to be sold out. Not even getting to Place Order anymore. Darn latency…or something. Shakes fist

I fear I may not get a crap this time around. Oh, the humanity!