The Last Chewsade

Nice details, but hope Connery never sees this.

So how do you roar with a Scots accent?

As much as I hate olive colored shirts, I feel you dropped the ball by failing to name the color: “Olive you. I know.”

“We named the dog Indiana…”

I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. “Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the Millennium Falcon in the sky.”

I originally titled it Comic Connery, but I guess woot shares your trepidation. He’ll never find it by googling himself now. Except for us both conjuring him with his name I mean.

My comment was in deference to Mr. Connery’s age (83). Don’t want him laughing himself into a heart attack. The shirt is great.

And we named the Wookie Chewbacca…

Oh! I thought you meant he’d beat us all up for making a mockery of him, because that’s what I was afraid of.

Wait, is this shirt implying that Connery is hairy?

As for my favorite Connery movie, that would have to be Dragonheart. I know, it’s only his voice, but by golly did his voice make that dragon live.

Well played, Woot… I feel like I’ve been rickrolled.

Wookierolled, perhaps?

Lovely work. Great details and just flat out funny.

I don’t really love it, but I feel I HAVE to buy it for no other reason than I had to make the tough decision to put my cat to sleep this past Friday. His name was Chewbacca. It’s a sign…

So Darth is Luke’s daddy, and by extension, now Chewy is who’s daddy? Indiana’s? Han’s?.. or Harrison’s…?

All three perhaps?

SO THAT’S the vehicle Han did the Kessel Run in…

Plain silly gold here-

I’m disappointed in the lack of Chewie’s ammo belt but then again that is really tough to accessorize with a bow tie.

As much as I love Sean Connery, I now want to see The Last Crusade with Chewy as Henry Jones, Sr.

That’s precisely the conundrum I wrestled with before leaving it out.

congrats on the awesome print leon, from your long lost american cousin