The Last Cupcake

That’s one badass monkey-fighting cupcake, yo.

Talk about an awesome take on an angel on top of a Christmas tree! I love this shirt! Very well done.

Get a gun! You’ve got some racid zombie cupcakes to take out. Blow their frosting off!

Sweet! Bought it!

This Christmas tree will make a nice addition for that festive season.

couldn’t resist a shirt with such evil residing in cuteness!
my friends and I have a saying that we’ve never seen an unhappy cupcake - wait until I show them this shirt :slight_smile:

All of the shirts this week have been awesome. I’m in Zombie heaven…if that’s where they go.

Now, is that a double-barrel or single barrel shotgun? I can’t tell from that perspective. It could be the difference between life and death.

How did that cupcake find a shotgun that small?

Yay, cupcake zombies!

Yay… ok not much for me to say…

I didn’t know that they made shotguns that small. I hope for that little guy’s sake that it says Smith and Wesson on the side and not Hasbro.


I never met a cupcake I didn’t like…til I met a zombie cupcake.

There’s nothing to fear, those are just pistachio cupcakes, right? Right?

Congrats, spiritgreen! This shirt is a death by sugar rush.

This gives an all new meaning to Cupcake Wars.

Would YOU want to eat a cupcake with eyes like that?

He has no need to worry. Those zombies look like they can’t even get themselves out of their cupcake holders.