The Last Leaf



Ooh - melancholy! Fall = death. I love how the scarecrow looks like a headstone. You wanna shout “please, hold on to that last leaf!”




It’s a little eerie how the scarecrow is just standing there…watching…with that frozen grin on his face…


With two printable shirts in the fog, it’s a crying shame that we’re instead getting the most generic trees possible.

I’d like to formally apologize to Drakxxx or Loopy. At least one of you is unforgivably screwed over by the masses again.


There’s still one more night! One more chance!


I live in the South. Every single leaf is green and still on the trees. This shirt depresses me greatly.


congrats on the print patrick! I still love the ominous feel of the sky with this design. Well done, sir.


One more night does not fit two more shirts. Unless there is a tie. But it is foolish to hope for that. It’s probably foolish to hope that even ONE good shirt will come out of this lackluster fog


Having grown up in Upstate NY, where the falls are bitterly cold, I can say that the designer of this shirt got the colors spot on. I immediately felt the chill on my skin looking at it. Kudos!


Wow, this design really speaks of death to me. The scarecrow looks like a cross and the fence looks like a bunch of crosses lined up. Even the tree looks dead with the only life left, a golden leaf, about to be extinguished. This might be a good shirt to wear on Remembrance Day. I need a hug.


Pop culture at its finest.

So who else read the “wear this/don’t wear this” and thought not of Dylan Thomas, but of Dangerous Minds?

Sad, I tell you.


I just feel like the trunk doesn’t match. Oh wait… This is a different shirt!?


The leaf looks really out of place to be honest.

Also what’s with all the trees? I’m pretty sure Autumn is more than just trees…I think…


I’m gettin’ a “Nighmare Before Christmas” vibe from this shirt, and I’m digging it.


So that’s what Halloween looks like in Rio de Janeiro!


looks to be a sugar maple from here…or perhaps an invasive norway maple?


I wonder, is that a maple leaf? If so, do you think that make the scarecrow a Canadian?


The leaf and the scarecrow appear to be in a staring contest to the death.

One must fall.

I fear for the leaf…


I predict squirrels with leaf blowers, but I never play the lottery.