The Last of Us & Acquired Taste Tee

You lucky dogs you.

Really? Really? There are dozens of side and plus sales on this site for games, but you put them on shirt.woot now too?

dang, y’all are fast!


That was really cool. Major ups woot. Though…now I’m afraid to go to sleep.

Man bummed out about missing this sale!

I saw the last call message on twitter but when I clicked it was too late :frowning:

Any Idea when these ship?

Woot asked me for the size of the shirt already but haven’t received news since then.

orders can take up to 5 business days to process & ship. usually it’s less than that.

however, since this design was part of the Shirt-Off, i wouldn’t be surprised if it takes just a little longer to get to your door.

for complete order details, email and they’ll be able to provide specifics.

sorry for the wait.

Thanks! It just threw me off because it has been about 10 days I think, didn’t know that Shirt-off took a little more time. But I’ll be patient.

Thanks again.