The Last One Here

Even robots need a place to get away, relax, and discover nature.

Congratulations on your win, Patrick!:slight_smile:

What a mother bird wants, a chick sitter.

Reminiscent of Castle in the Sky. One of my favorite ghibli pictures

This is what the design reminds me of.

I interpreted this a different way. The growth on the robot suggests that he’s been there a very long time (i.e. non-functional), but life/hope carries on as the bird has found a use for him.

It’s a very high-concept design and extremely well executed. Well done!

Me too! Love that short.

Many many thumbs up.

The world has moved on…

We need this skin in Overwatch now.

This shirt is perfect. (sorry for dropping the tone here, but…) My wife recently passed, she loved robots and I would buy her a robot shirt every spring. I am what she would call a “Bird Nerd.” (Bird watcher.) There are too many messages in this shirt that makes it perfect, plus her favorite color is green. I love it. Thank you.