The Last Pillow Warriors

I am reminded strongly of this shirt, my first ever shirt.woot purchase and still my favorite:

The land of the rising and falling pillow. You will be hit and beaten all night until you are surely slightly peeved. Fun for all.

Ah, 枕投げ. Pillow fight.

“Wear this shirt: to bed… err… I mean, to “your plush weapons display case!””

well, if you’re only wearing it to bed that might be a reasonable excuse to buy a cream colored shirt. just don’t wear it in public.

Awesome line work, meets nonsense setting? Dang, this is some old school woot going on here. Wish I had the money to nab one.

Did Tom Cruise steal the cushions from Oprah’s couch to use as weapons in filming The Last Samurai? I wonder if this image was lifted from a deleted scene on the DVD.

That’s a pillow fight to end all pillow fights. Lasted all night, and it’s still going when the sun comes up!

yes! just the sort of nonsense I enjoy. Plus, I actually like cream shirts so good color mix.

During the grim era of fierce conflict between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa clans, when the thousand feathers fluttered furiously from frantic fighting, Miamoto Musashis duel down feather technique reigned supreme.


We lost so many good men in the Bedtime Wars…

Woot needs a sleepshirt option for this one.

Oh god, so tempted. Someone talk me out of this quick, I just bought Der Mond!

Don’t buy it tonight, because you want to wait until tomorrow so that the artist gets a two dollar commision when the price is higher.

There, I just talked you out of buying it tonight.

Wait, what?

Dammit, woot, I wish I had $300 a month to add to a wardrobe budget. Your daily shirts this month have all been gold.

seppuku would be something to see…

…complete with manly shrieking.

A silly shirt that actually got me giggling. This is very well done on many levels… good stuff!

Definitely agree. Couldn’t stop myself with this one haha. The dailies have been better than a lot of the derby winners lately!

Pillows are designed for relaxation, if they’re fighting with those, what hope is left!?

This is what comes to mind when I think of Asians and pillow fights.