The Life of Pi (to 4,325 digits)

I’ll take a slice of this tee.


[taking a deep breath and counting to pi]

Thank you everyone!!!

Has someone checked this pie for accuracy? I’d hate to buy it and then later find out it wasn’t actually pi.

(Pun entirely unintended)

I pulled the digits directly from here

Ha! This recipe looks a little to complex for my palate.

Oh, if only it had gone out to 4,326 or 4,327 digits…


Sweet, sweet pi(e)

What the h e double hockey sticks did i just watch?

My kid (sixth grade) won a contest last year by memorizing 86 digits of pi.

Should I get this for my sweetie pie??

This shirt is irrational!

I hope wearing this shirt won’t count as cheating on my math test.

Yes! My eldest made his math teacher envious with the Owlgebra shirt. Perhaps I should buy one as a teacher gift.

No π!

In case you were wondering: 3 and 0 respectively. You could probably add them afterwards.

Didn’t shirt.woot change apparel companies at one point? I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but anyone know the brand of the shirt?

I’m expecting nightmares tonight after watching this…and I’m a hardcore horror movie fan! But this was the creepiest random thing I’ve ever watched!

Mmm, infinite pie. However much you eat there’s more left.

Wow, who knew pi was cherry flavor?